Silver Crown @ Caloocan

Been craving for Sweet & Sour Pork so we decided to try this Chinese Restaurant at Caloocan City.

It may look very old on the outside since it was there for years now but still a lot of people choose to eat there.

We checked the menu and we ordered Sweet & Sour Pork, Beef Broccoli and Fried Rice all for 195php. We waited for a couple of minutes since there’s no available chairs & tables. T’was worth the wait. The food was super legit! It’s a 10/10 indeed.

Here’s what we ordered:


Prices starts at 50 and up. Very affordable. Here’s the menu:



Cravings satisfied!! 👍

Nix Jasmin

I'm not a good writer nor a photographer, but I enjoy sharing my tips, reviews and photos from my food trips and travels. ❤

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