Patricia Veronica Jasmin aka Nix Jasmin| 25 years old | Foodie / Wanderer / Dog Lover | Full Time Office Employee with Online Part Time Jobs 😀



  • I started blogging since high school, but I just posted nonsense stuff about my life (crushes, etc. lol) I can’t even remember my web page since I started using blogspot before.
  • I decided to put up this page just for fun.
  • My weekend plans (Either to eat or to wander) are what keeps me going during the week
  • I’m a Senior Recruiter working for a US company based here in the Philippines so I am working on my full time job at night.
  • I do have part time jobs which I work with every morning; Virtual Assistant, English Korean Tutor. I have also tried working as a Social Media Manager. FYI, I can still get 6 hours sleep on weekdays. How I manage my time? Ask me how! Lol
  • I work Mondays to Fridays, so my free time is just on the weekends
  • I make sure to schedule my travels every weekend so I can file my vacation leave either on a Friday, a Monday to Tuesday. I am only allowed to go on vacation at work for a maximum of two days (sad, right?) with that said, I make sure to create an itinerary that will fit my schedule.
  • As much as I would like to leave my work and just travel the world; I can’t. So I do it one at a time. Slowly but surely.
  • ULTIMATE GOAL IN LIFE: Travel the world and experience different cultures 🤗

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