Clearwater, Clark

Another not-so-long weekend spent with my family. Not-so-long because of the fact that I have work on a Sunday. 😦

Location: Clark, Pampanga

Here we are again, going on a roadtrip to nowhere. No plan on where to go, where no stay. Didn’t made any reservations or anything. Lol

We ended up with Clearwaters Country Club. Arrived the area by 7:00pm because we checked other resorts/hotels as well along the area and most of them are fullybooked because it’s a long weekend for most people.

It was already dark when we arrived the place so it’s going to be a surprise tomorrow morning on how the place looks like. 😉


Cabin in the woods feels. 😉

 We got a room on the lake side lodge. There’s only 2 families that evening. My family and another family on the other room. We stayed on our room after dinner since we’re not gonna be able to go swimming because it seriously is dark and scary to roam around. We stayed on our room, good thing the television has cable with it so we’re able to watch. 🙂

The next day we woke up around 5:00am and got ready for breakfast. The room btw includes complimentary breakfast. 🙂


While waiting for breakfast. lol


And of course after breakfast we all went to swim. 🙂

My sister & my cousin 🙂

They also offer different activities aside from swimming like wall climbing, golf, kayaking and fishing. The place can also be rented for pictorials/photoshoots/pre-nups and even wedding venue and also a good place for team buildings. 🙂


Boats 🚣🏼


We went fishing. My cousin even took of some of the fishes that they caught.

PS:  The place has still a lot of fixing to do. They can still do some improvements with the place.  For the staffs, most of them are old but they’re all friendly and very accommodating.

If you’re just looking for a place to relax, if you’re looking for peace and would like to be away from the busy city. I suggest this place. 🙂


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