Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe

Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe is a no WiFi zone. As what I’ve read at their entrance: “Disconnect to connect!”

The walls are filled with inspirational quotes, pastel colors, more dream catchers, all in a sort of organized clutter kind of way! You’ll surely like the place. The ambiance is calm and quiet. If you’re looking for a place to chill and chit chat, it’s definitely the one!

They also sell some items like bracelets, necklace, rings, pendants and dream catchers. The pendants are being sold for 100php each, the dream catchers range from 100php (keychain type) 2,000php (1000php and up for the large dream catchers, still depending on size and style).

Since we just finished eating we decided to just order some drinks and borrow some games that we can play. They let you borrow books, cards and other board games that they have there but you need to leave your ID.

We borrowed their cards and sungka
Getting your order will seriously take some time, butsince you’ll get hooked playing you might not notice that it took 30 to 45 minutes for your order to arrive. Lol (seriously). As you will see when you enter the cafe, it’s posted that they cook and serve slow. At least they’ve already given you a notice even before you ordered anything.

They also have a sort of ‘second storey’ so they get to maximize the space. I wasn’t able to take pictures of since there’s people upstairs. The aesthetic of Dreamland Cafe is so consistent all throughout, it’s hard not to stare at the pretty colors all over the place.

Our first trip to Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe was an allure for our eyes. We will definitely come back here.
PS: They also offer bed and breakfast at cheap rates!

Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe + Bed & Breakfast is located at Purok 157 Brgy. San Jose, Tagaytay City Proper, Tagaytay
Operating Hours: Open 24/7
You can also check they’re:

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