Fatniss NeverLean @ Sagittarium Archery Range

From the earliest civilizations, the bow and arrow was being used in warfare and it is known that the Egyptians, Hittites, Persians, Greeks and Romans all used the weapons in their armies. For Olympic Archery, you have to have the sight and have the proper form when shooting while in Traditional Archery, you’re mostly relying on your gut feel and muscle memory.

Unleashing the inner Katniss, Legolas and Hawkeye in us. 😛 

Last Saturday, we visited Sagittarium Archery Range located on the 4th floor of the A&A Building in Scout Borromeo, Quezon City for 2 reasons: (1) They have an on-going promo for 99php/head which already includes 15 arrows + equipment, (2) To try something new, something different from the usual food trip, etc. 



  1. SAFETY.
  2. Never  fire a bow without an arrow, only point your arrow on the target face, and never cross the shooting line without the whistle commands.

Whistle Commands:

2 Blast – Go to the shooting line

1 Blast – Load arrow and shoot

3 Blasts – Hang your bows and retrieve arrows from the target board (They will also give you instruction on how to properly pull your arrow from the target board)

4 or more Blasts – Emergency


I personally like this more compare to gun firing, this is more relaxing! Well you really need to be relaxed and focused for you to hit the target. 😉


How about you guys, have you ever tried archery or do you want to try it? They’re promo is up until September 30th, no reservation needed.






 400php/hour w/ personal equipment

300php/hour w/ personal equipment
600php/hour w/o equipment

500php/hour w/o equipment



400php/hour w/personal equipment

300php/hour w/ personal equipment
750php/hour w/o personal equipment

650php/hour w/o equipment

Kids (12 y/o below):

Kids (12 y/o below):





Sagittarium Archery Range
4th Floor A&A Building, Scout Borromeo Street, South Triangle
Quezon City, Philippines
Website: http://www.sagittarium.com
Business Hours: Weekdays 1pm to 9pm, Weekends 11am to 8pm


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