Hand Craft Real Tap Beer, PH

I am not a craft beer connoisseur, but how the bar was designed really caught my eyes, its not the usual bar that you can check out along Ermita, Manila. It’s a bit of a “Hole In The Wall” type of establishment so you may really not notice. It is small but cozy, open-air and definitely unique-looking. The layout of the bar is really admirable.

There’s a lot of drinks to choose from. You can try to go with the per shot option or try the craft beers. I chose to go with the shots, I chose 1 shot of Jägermeister, Patron and Jack Daniel’s, all prices are listed. Hence, for the craft beers, you have the option to do some taste test which some of my friends did. I’m not sure if you’re allowed to try everything or what. I’ve tasted what they’ve ordered and nope, I can’t… Uh, not for me. Or I don’t know. Lol

They also have happy hours wherein the price ischeaper. Aside from drinks, they offer actual munchies, which we haven’t tried.

Overall, I love the chill ambience of the place, the variety of drinks and “PikaPika” they offer. The place is worth recommending and I’d definitely go back here. 🙂


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