Eggs For Breakfast

A day after the New Year and not all establishments had been back to business yet and so we had a hard time to look for a place on where to eat breakfast. Did some research and it showed that this place is open…

It is a small, quiet place beside a garden where you can have your photos taken while waiting for your orders. You have the option to sit inside their cozy restaurant or just outside. We chose to sit outside and while we’re waiting, I decided to roam around the area and take some photos. 🙂

We didn’t wait that long for our orders. The food was okay. However, it was quite expensive, but they have it in big servings and great presentation which makes it okay.

The place may be hard to find since its somewhat far from the main road and located inside Velada Estate which makes the atmosphere quiet and relaxing. There’s also a good amount of parking space. The place can also be rented for birthdays, weddings, meetings, etc. since its really spacious.

Location: Velada Estate, 21 Don Juan Street, Villa Cecilia Subdivision, Lower Antipolo, Mambugan, Lower Antipolo, Rizal
Open Hours: 7:00am to 5:00pm
Contact Number: 02 2132434



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