Asia’s “Original” & Biggest Floating Playground – Inflatable Island PH


Had to emphasize with the “original”. The same thing that was emphasized during the orientation right before we were allowed to enter the playground. As you know, there’s another inflatable park that was opened in Batangas but it was named “Taal Lake Aqua Park”.

Booked for the 6:00am to 8:00am schedule for us to be able to finish early since most of us has work the next day. Visit their official website for online booking. I highly suggest to book online to save 10% for every ticket. We booked the 699php for 2 hours pass and whole day beach access.

I guess this should be edited since the Floating Zoo is no longer available. Lol

At exactly 5:30am, all those that are scheduled for 6:00am to 8:00am slot were asked to gather in the orientation area. We were all given few guidelines once inside the playground and about the facilities inside the resort and was asked to sign a waiver which will be given back once we get our vest. FYI, wearing of vest is required inside the playground. You’re not allowed to remove it as long as you’re inside. 


Right after the orientation we went straight to the restroom to get changed. We plan on renting a locker to leave our valuables but decided to leave it at Bali Lounge instead. Yes, we left our bags there since it was also advised so the spot will also be saved for us. We rented a small locker for 50php to leave our important valuables there like our phones and wallets. 🙂

And so our 2 hours time to complete the 14 obstacles started:

Entry Point:

After the entering the playground, you’re on your own to either begin at the left or the right side of the playground. We started on the left since most people went on the right side. lol

Not sure how many obstacles were able to complete, but there’s 2 that were not able to try. 2 hours running, balancing, falling down, swimming, pulling ourselves back on the playground after falling down and laughing was indeed tiring and made us all hungry. We head back to the spot we saved at Bali Lounge and rested for a bit.

There are also food stalls inside the resort that opens 9:00am according to one of the servers. Since it was still closed were only able to buy water and went swimming again.

We then decided to get changed and just eat outside since the place had been too crowded and were already done with the main reason on why we visited the place; to try the Inflatable Island and go swimming. Nothing else.



  • Via Commute:

1. Victory Liner Caloocan, Cubao or Pasay ride a bus bound to Olongapo City. Travel time: Approximately 4-5 hours with two stopovers.
2. Once you reached Olongapo City Victory Terminal (Fare: 200+ one way)
3. Ride a blue jeepney (8php one way) and tell the driver to drop you off at Half Moon Beach Resort as most of them aren’t familiar with its new name yet.
5. Once you see Samba Bluewater Resort; go inside. Inflatable Island PH is located there.

  • Via Private car: 

On our end, we just use WAZE for the direction. We left Manila by 2:30am and had a stopover for breakfast. We actually arrived at the resort an hour early. So we had time to take a nap until the registration booth opened.

Lockers & Shower Area:

  • Two bathroom houses will be provided. Shower stalls are separated from bathroom stalls. FYI, The sink area has no mirror.
  • Small Lockers: half day rental is 50php while whole day rental is 100php
  • Big Lockers: half day rental is 100php while whole day rental is 150php.
  • They’ll ask you to give extra 100php and you will be able to get it back once you return the locker key after using it.



  • We wore rash guards and comfortable cloth shorts.
  • Don’t forget to apply sunblock, especially to those who will book the 8:00am onwards schedule since its seriously hot.


  • There are food stalls inside. You can bring your own food. However, you’ll be asked to pay for corkage fee.
  • We only bought water and taho inside since all stalls are still closed and we already decided to leave and just eat somewhere else.


It was fun, tiring and worth the experience. Obstacles are challenging, but guaranteed safe since there are 20+ lifeguards around the playground to help you out. It is also slippery so make sure that you stay focused and maintain your balance. The place will be best enjoyed with family and friends.



  • 699PHP – Entrance Fee since we booked online
  • 400PHP/each – Gas & Toll (2000/5)
  • 30PHP – Taho
  • 50PHP – Water


Short clip upload on my Facebook Page. 🙂


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