Bellefleur by Beatrix, Rotella Ravioli and Thirsty Turtle PH

From DIY Ravioli, Earthy Smoothies down to Tasty Desserts.. Who would’ve thought you can get everything from 1 place in the heart of Greenhills Shopping Mall?

Rotella Ravioli

First, what does the name mean? Rotella; a small wheel in Italian. In a culinary context, it is the word for pastry wheel – which is used to give the ridge edge design for the Ravioli; is a type of dumpling with filling that’s sealed between two layers of thin pasta dough.. 

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These ravioli are home made and the they’ve made sure that only fresh ingredients we’re used.

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Rotella Ravioli comes in 2 flavors, Spinach and Mushroom. (I like the Spinach more! :p) We’re given the chance to eat it with our choice of sauce. I decided to put both the Spinach and Mushroom Ravioli with White Mushroom Sauce.

We also tried the Tomato Sauce with Parmesan Cheese. Ravioli also tastes good with just simply butter and cheese.

Bellefleur by Beatrix

Belle; Beautiful. Fleur; Flower. This small shop is indeed a beautiful flower that rose at the heart of Greenhills Shopping Mall. They offer different pastries which I was able to try and not to be OA, but I love everything that they offer.

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From cookies…


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To cupcakes… (Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate and of course, my favorite: Red Velvet)
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To cakes.. Their Ferrero-Topped Chocolate Cake w/ Nutella Drizzle that comes in one size. They can make a bigger size but its for pre-order. 🙂


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Double Decker Ube Leche Flan

And what I like most:

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FROZEN UBE BRAZO which is to die for!

They also have Gelato, Breads and a lot more. Everything I had with Bellefleur by Beatrix was a delight!

Thirsty Turtle PH

Of course after eating those Ravioli and desserts you may be thirsty. The good thing is the place also offers Healthy/Earthy smoothies with different flavors to choose from.

Story behind Thirsty Turtle’s name; Since turtle is associated with a tropical habitat, they thought of attaching an adjective to it. Then that’s how people remember the brand because they would wonder how a turtle gets thirsty when it’s always underwater.

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L to R: Carrot Mango, Avocado Pineapple and Spinach and Mango Banana

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Betroot Pineapple

My top picks:

  • Spinach Ravioli
  • Red Velvet Cupcake
  • Nutella
  • Frozen Ube Brazo
  • Mango Banana Shake
  • Carrot Mango

Don’t get me wrong, everything tastes good and a must try, but these are just my top picks.

What else will you be looking for when you can already experience 3-in-1 on 1 location?

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Thanks to these lovely ladies behind Rotella Ravioli, Thirsty Turtle PH and Bellefleur by Beatrix ( Bea is not in this photo as she wasn’t around yet that time 😦 ) Thanks for the invite too, ladies! 🙂

Where to find them:

Got photo directly from Bellefleur by Betrix’s Facebook Page

Open Hours: Monday to Friday 9:30am to 8:00pm
Follow them on Facebook:
Follow them on IG: @bellefleurbybeatrix, @thirstyturtleph and

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