How to check Korean VISA application status online

Applying for a VISA can really be nerve-wrecking. The agony of waiting for the result to come out can really make you excited and scared at the same time.

It was my first time applying for one. I just felt that I must try since I’ve always wanted to visit Korea. I went to the Embassy on a Monday morning, my travel time to the Embassy was much more longer rather than the usual process of passing my requirements. I wasn’t asked about anything, nor asked for any additional requirements. I made sure that I have everything completed since I actually applied a week before my trip.

And so the wait time started..

I don’t know where I learned about this website but good thing I did. On the 3rd day, when I checked my status it showed “Application Received”.

And on the 5th day, on a Friday evening.. I decided to check it out again and there had been a change in the Application status:


Yay! Now, I’m excited for my first Winter experience! 

** I provided all the requirements needed under the EMPLOYED category.

Here’s how to check your VISA status online so it can lessen your worries while waiting for the tentative date given for you to pick up your passport.

  • Visit
  • Change the website’s language to English
  • Choose Check Application Status & Print
  • aaa
  • You’ll automatically be prompted for this page. Instead of choosing the Application No. change it to Passport No. Put your name as to what shows on your passport. Last name, then First name, then your DOB (year/month/day)fgef

And voila! You get to monitor the status of your VISA application.

QUICK TIP: I guess worrying won’t do any help as to what the result may be. Just keep calm and claim you’ll get approved 😉

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3 thoughts on “How to check Korean VISA application status online

  1. Hello. Yung result ba sa website indicating na approved ka, before ba siya sa release date nung visa mo? or same day na-update yung status online?


    1. Hello! Actually it changed to approved Friday night. Monday kasi ako nagpasa ng requirements then the next day (Tuesday) nagchange siya to Pending then Friday night nagchange to Approve. 🙂


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