BOTEJYU – Japan’s Okonomiyaki Pioneer and Premier Specialty Restaurant

Osaka’s Botejyu was first launched in the Philippines in 2016 and since then, it had captured Filipinos hearts with its signature dishes such as the All-Star Takoyaki, Amiyaki Grilled Pork Donburi, Garlic Chicken Karaage, Japanese Wagyu Rib-Eye Steak, Paitan Ramen with Chicken Tempura and Mentaiko and Potato Mochiyaki. The said Japanese restaurant had enticed several foodies in Manila.

“BOTEJYU – was born in the gourmet city of Tamade, Osaka in 1946 as an okonimayaki specialty restaurant. The restaurant name “Botejyu” originates from the Japanese onomatopoeia of the sound “bote” of the okonomiyaki being flipped and the sizzling sound “jyu” of its cooking on the hot teppan griddle.”

Get ready North people as the 5th branch of Botejyu had been opened at AYALA MALL VERTIS NORTH. 🙂

I got an invite from my foodie friend, Jowell of FoodFlingsPH (Thanks for the invite, friend!) to Botejyu, Ayala Mall Vertis North. Without having second thoughts, I immediately agreed as it would be a great chance to indulge in Botejyu’s mouth watering dishes:

Premium Moonlight Okonomiyaki – Beef, Pork, Shrimp, Squid and Fried Egg (PHP 360)
Mentaiko and Potato Mochiyaki (PHP 270)
Amiyaki Grilled Pork Rice Bowl (PHP 325)
Premium Okosoba – beef, pork, shrimp and squid (PHP 435)
Shrimp Tempura Sushi Roll (will update for the price soon)
Takoyaki All-Star – Umami Sauce + Mayo, Tomato Sauce, Thick Spicy Sauce + Mayo, Spicy Mentai Mayo and Salt Garlic Sauce – (PHP 245)
Beek Sukiyaki Rice Set  (PHP 395)
Honey Toast with Brown Sugar Syrup and Creamy Kinako (PHP 250)


Teppan Hambuga Steak/Teppan Hamburger Steak (will update for the price soon)
Beef Teppan Rice Bowl (will update for the price soon)
Soy Sauce Ramen with Char Siu (will update for the price soon)
Shrimp Teppan Rice Bowl (will update for the price soon)
Pork Paitan Curry Ramen with Char Siu (will update for the price soon)

Service: Excellent, as all crews are energetic and attentive to our needs.

Ambience: It was clean and well lit.

Food: They have several options on their menu and you might have a hard time choosing on what to get.

Overall, I was happy with everything. 🙂

Would I recommend Botejyu? Definitely, YES!

Botejyu Philippines
Address: Japan Town @ Vertis Ginza, Level 4, Ayala Malls Vertis North, Bagong Pag-ASA, Quezon City, Philippines
Operating Hours: Mon to Thurs: 10AM to 9PM | Fri to Sun: 10AM to 10PM

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