Happy Cat Cafe – SM East Ortigas

I have always been a dog lover, but that doesn’t mean that I hate cats. After visiting Barkin’ Blends when they’re still in Katipunan, I’ve always wanted to visit a cat cafe here in MNL which I know there are in different locations. However, I can’t find someone who would be willing to join me, I always get the reactions like “Sayang lang pera, ang tamad tamad lang ng mga yon, pupunta ka sa ganon, tulog lang sila. LOL kind of true, but of course, it’s for the experience and that’s what I am always after. 🙂

2018-04-20 09903472669..jpg

When I heard that a cat cafe was opened at SM East Ortigas, which happened to be 10 minutes away from where I live, I got excited. We have cats at home, but I would still want to see other cat breeds, I did a price check for cats, one time when I was in Tiendesitas and the breeds I like almost cost double with how much I got my dogs (Like seriously, 50k – 70k?! HOLY COWWW!) So yeah, visiting a cat cafe would be the best option :p

It’s just a small cafe located on the ground floor of SM East Ortigas, it is actually inside Pet Corner which sells pet supplies. You need to go thru Pet Corner for you to reach Happy Cat Cafe’s entrance.

Here’s what welcomed us when we reached the cafe’s entrance:

2018-04-20 091934518976..jpg

2018-04-20 091914791416..jpg

2018-04-20 092033487408..jpg

2018-04-20 091959188824..jpg

2018-04-20 091297622209..jpg
We were asked to sign this waiver

The cafe offers pasta, sandwiches, cakes, frappes and a variety of cold and hot drinks. Entrance fee would be PHP250/head plus free drink. Its A MUST to bring your own socks, but don’t worry if you don’t mind buying one, the cafe offers socks for PHP30. You’ll be asked to leave your footwear outside and get a pair of slippers to use inside.

2018-04-20 09704427133..jpg

2018-04-20 091939002869..jpg

We had the place to ourselves or is it because its a Friday? Well.. Let me introduce you to these 8 qt cats: (FYI! I am not sure if the breeds are all correct, I’ll be updating this one soon once I got the confirmation from the owner. Don’t judge! :D)


2018-04-20 092005712649..jpg

He is my favorite! Drobo loves to be around hoomans and he loves sleeping on your lap and on your shoulder, he loves crawling around your back. Drobo is just too sweet! I was actually hugging him the whole time while playing with the other cats. Makes me want to bring him home.


2018-04-20 09-11715237549..jpg


2018-04-20 0925808042..jpg

GOLDIE the British Short Hair

2018-04-20 09621189238..jpg

This one can be awarded with the MOST SNOB award! I swear, but Goldie is so cute and fluffyyyyyy.

OSCAR the Scottish Fold

2018-04-20 09641629238..jpg

Oscar loves to sleep a lot! He didn’t join the other while playing, he first sat in a chair and end up sleeping. When he woke up to drink water, we took that chance to take photos of him. Lol

SILVER the British Short Hair

2018-04-20 09197630689..jpg


2018-04-20 09228576581..jpg

So these two have the same breed, but Tender was actually inside a room when we’re at the cafe so I’m not able to take a photo of him.

Forgive me as I am really not that familiar with every cats’ breed. They’re all cute, fluffy and so lazy! I think they’re so chill like they have the “IDGAF” attitude. Lol

Overall, it was a nice experience. The cafe’s price was cheaper compared to other cat cafe’s here in the metro. The drinks were delicious too, we had lychee tea, strawberry tea and winter melon milk tea which we all enjoyed. Location wise of course, it’s just 10 minutes away from my house.

Address: Ground Floor of SM East Ortigas – Ortigas Ave Ext, Pasig, Metro Manila
Open Hours: Monday to Sunday 10:00am to 9:00pm
Contact Details: 02-721-1761
Instagram: @happycatcafe

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